The Kite Group, Indianapolis, IN

City Securities, Indianapolis, IN

Equites International, Chicago, IL

Ollgtree and Deakins, New York, NY

Rebecca Mohs & Dr.Robert Smith, South Bend, IN

Ira Chapik, COO of Equities International

Barbara Turf, CEO Crate and Barrel

David Vitale, Treasurer and Trustee, Art Institute of Chicago

Nancy and Geoffrey Stone, University of Chicago, The Law School, Chicago, IL

American Society for Clinical Pathology, Chicago, IL

Jill Supera and Paul L. Caffrey III, Chicago, IL

Paula and Alan Gross, Chicago, IL

Lori Hubers, Chicago, IL

Nancy Simonian Cole and Douglas G. Cole, Wayland, MA

Christine Miles, Director, Albany Institute of History & Art Albany, New York

Jeffrey J. McCarthy, Skidmore, Owens and Merrill, Chicago, IL

C. Jane Quinn, Vice President, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago, Illinois

Scott and Julie Moller, Marketing Werks, Chicago, IL

Ann Krsul, Krsul Viederman Architects PLLC, New York, NY

Leslie Sullivan, Bridgeman, MI

Dr. Donald H.J. Hermann, Professor of Law and Philosophy, DePaul University

John Jannot, Chicago, IL

Harry Ferris, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Executive Director

Marguerite Tompkins and Michael Mensik, Attorneys, Chicago, IL

Ogletree and Deakins, Indianapolis, Indiana

Dorothea Palenberg, Blue European Environmenta Managment

Rick and Linda Strusiner, Rick Strusiner Associates Architects, Northbrook, IL

Southern Vermont College

Charles Baldwin, Indianapolis, IN

Jeffrey and Susan Picklin, Glencoe, IL

Brandon Nelson, Ipso Facto, Three Oaks. MI

Jim Toler, Springdale, Three Oaks, Michigan

Amelia Hochberg, Rubbish Designs, Three Oaks, Michigan

Dr. Michael Stanisic, Professor, University of Notre Dame

Michael and Nada Karas, Lucrezia Cafe, Chesterton, IN

Greg Winterhalter, Southern Vermont College, Bennington, VT

Victoria Burneikis, French Twist, Three Oaks, MI

Seth Jacobs and Martha Johnson, Slack Hollow Farms, Argyle, NY

Karen Monaldi, LPGA Golf Pro, Valparaiso, IN

Beth and Kevin Young, WSBT, South Bend, IN

Katie Bowen, Saratoga Springs, New York

Coleman and Maraget Kent, St. Petersburg, Florida

Joseph Nitzke and Judy Mills, Albany, New York

Mimi Doi, Rochester, New York

Bobby Moore, Rochester, New York

Patrick Crowley, Rochester, New York

Stephanie Canazaries, New York, New York

Matthew Chinian, Cambridge, New York

Peter Rockwell Kent, Cambridge, New York

Bill and Sally Eubank, Munster, Indiana

Many other collectors